PW Asks: Shakespeare, King, and Austen Are Your Desert Island Authors - Publishers Weekly

Is it any marvel that fantastic authors triumphed? What better method to manage being trapped on an island compared to get away?

. Guides you will be bringing are:

The Accumulated Functions of William Shakespeare

The Complete Books of Jane Austen

And also all the books of Stephen King

King's works will certainly by much take up one of the most rack space, so make certain you style your hut of strong bamboo, include a couple of constructed in shelfs, and also don't keep your bananas anywhere near the books or you'll find your copy of Cujo up a tree someplace, the thieving island monkeys frightened out of their wits.

Close runners-up consist of The Bible, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, as well as Joyce Carol Oates. We asked you this week which 3 authors are your desert island choices, whose accumulated works would certainly help you pass the countless days up until rescue.

You have spoken! There were great deals of responses, however three writers obtained more votes compared to other.

Life on the desert island won't be so dull after all


Buzztime Restaurant Entertainment System Launches Payments Functionality - TechCrunch

NTN Buzztime, your services in which puts trivia games and entertainment into the hands of restaurant diners along with bar patrons, offers these days announced the chance to spend his or her bills through the actual Buzztime tablets.

You can easily understand much much more about Buzztime here.






This implies that Buzztime's tablets, that are given in order to restaurants along with bar proprietors that will sign up for your service, will now display menu information pertaining to that will business alongside using the capacity for a party to fund their meal via your tablet. Moreover, if 6 individuals sit down to a table, each along with every of these will get their particular tablet having a menu as well as the products will just about all always be placed on the same bill.

Previously, Buzztime provided tablets to bars along with restaurants in order that users could play trivia games, regardless associated with whether it be on a national level over the Buzztime network, regionally, or in that really bar or perhaps restaurant. that said, competitors just like cover target around the user's personal smartphone instead associated with a restaurant-provided tablet.

But Buzztime CEO Ram Krishnan explained in order to TechCrunch in which 80 percent of BuzzTime's customers serve food, consequently the opportunity to order and spend around the same device employed for entertainment tends to end up being able to make sense.. Beyond trivia, Buzztime additionally offered additional kinds of video games as well as entertainment, which includes an Arcade section with regard to kids.

Buzztime charges your restaurant or perhaps bar a new subscription for the technique system, giving those bar along with restaurant owners your opportunity to determine on whether they're investing in their clients to experience your video games as well as passing in which cost alongside to the customer.

A number of services are usually looking to create purchasing as well as spending at a restaurant a lot more seamless, particularly Cover, nevertheless Buzztime adds the capability to offer entertainment, as well


Universal Music's anti-piracy ads reached new heights of crazypants gore - Boing Boing

Apparently that message hasn't gotten through, so the industry keeps ramping up the particular ridiculousness of each campaign.

This from a record company in which deducts "breakage" (the percentage associated with vinyl LPs broken between the factory and the record store) through its musicians' digital songs royalties; exactly where that they routinely ran off-books third-shift pressings to be able to produce CDs that were fraudulently offered without virtually any royalties in virtually any way getting paid to the band; along with whom trouser the particular vast majority associated with streaming audio royalties.

Saatchi & Saatchi Sao Paulo designed these grotesque ads with regard to Universal Music, by which bloody gobbets involving rock-n-roller are generally captioned using "Stop Destroying your Band Anyone Like: Decline to be able to Audio Piracy."

. no make any difference how much "educating" the market does, it's not likely to alter the undeniable fact that people just like to have their content material much more conveniently.

As Mike Masnick points out this helps create the IT Crowd's "You wouldn't steal a car" advert look tame by comparison.

Universal Music's Anti-Piracy Advertisements Actually Crazier When Compared With Imagine [Mike Masnick/Techdirt]

We've discussed this just before many times: piracy is not an education problem


Anglers on Lake Sinclair lament power plant's demolition - The Daily Citizen

Plant Branch employed 229 folks when Georgia Energy started the entire process of shutting it down. Although environmental teams warn of the plant's dangers -- despite it closed -- individuals similar to Smith are generally previously mourning its loss.

"I anticipate one thing very positive coming from your jawhorse prior to it's over with," he said.

One such gift has recently began to vanish. Rusty Kidd, which has been pushing for the Legislature to research the benefits of gambling inside Georgia.

Coal ash has come beneath much more scrutiny since any dike broke with a plant throughout Kingston, Tenn., in 2008, spilling 5.4 million cubic yards involving ash slurry. Generally there ended up being pointless trying, he said.

Since the smokestack provides served as getting a "navigational beacon," there's been no dependence on anglers for you to depend on technologies to find their particular way round the lake. 1 fisherman lamented its closure about social media, stating he'd caught "one associated with the past fish that will at virtually any time become pulled from the warm waters."

Smith stated he briefly considered printing "Save the actual stack" T-shirts however abandoned the actual idea. Many fishermen who frequent Lake Sinclair are likely unaware they even can exist.

"People don't even know what this lake will be without having your power plant," mentioned Matt Henry, who works, lives along with fishes on Lake Sinclair. Nevertheless he hears coming from possible purchasers who such as the location but would rather not appear out their particular lakefront property and see a new coal plant.

There could also be a pros regarding Henry, the fisherman.

That hasn't stopped nearby representatives via salivating over the possibilities for that site, nonetheless distant in the long term that they may be.

It would be an perfect area to obtain a casino or perhaps a large park, says state Rep. Reach your ex at

Georgia Energy cited the price to comply with your environmental regulations as a element behind its selection to close Plant Branch. Other drivers contain economic circumstances such as lower gas prices.

Residents will also be cognizant that the energy plant is the purpose that Lake Sinclair, the area's dominant tourist attraction, exists in all.

Greg Haley, a new Realtor along with Lakeside Realty, expects rising property values.

Henry, with regard to one, said he didn't learn about these until he quickly began making use of Google Earth to be able to scout good fishing spots. "It's often been any section of the actual lake."

Residents, guests and also nearby officials have tolerated its much less savory qualities -- occasional noise, soot on their cars -- as well as embraced the gifts that the guarana plant bestowed.

MILLEDGEVILLE -- Your towering smokestack at Plant Harllee Branch is a guidepost for fishermen, a landmark for guests and a sign with regard to road-weary residents that home isn't much farther away.

Both counties took hits to their tax bases. Although the actual ash isn't considered hazardous material, the particular U.S. all they've got to complete is actually search for Plant Branch inside the distance.

Baldwin along with Putnam counties have extended enjoyed an intricate relationship with the plant that sits between the two jurisdictions.

But these advantages may get arrive with a cost.

Georgia power will be close to tapping the contractor to demolish your powerhouse and many sorts of connected buildings, O'Brien said. This process, including backfilling the particular property, could consider for as long as 2 years.

The coal-fired power plant closed in April, and its owner, Georgia Power, is undergoing the long process of removing the majority of traces of the facility that was a new main a component of your neighborhood landscape for greater than 50 years.

A grimy North Star for that Milledgeville area, the particular chimney that will towers a lot more than 1,000 feet will soon be relegated in order to history, demolished alongside using the remaining campus.

Jill Nolin insures the actual Statehouse pertaining to CNHI's newspapers and websites. The Actual disaster spurred the actual EPA to produce new guidelines for coal ash ponds.

Many of these moved elsewhere, she said. "We are generally committed to end up being able to managing these facilities along with safety along with compliance as our top priorities."

Environmentalists say he yet others must be. These which accepted transfers but stuck about now endure long commutes.

After 5 decades of one's production at the site, at least eight million cubic yards involving coal ash are sitting within ponds near the plant.

"I understand I'll sell a entire lot a lot more GPSs when it's gone," joked Henry, whom is the finance manager with Sinclair Marina on the lake.

What happens next will not be established until after that demolition can be finished, he said.

"Final plans for your permanent closure with the ash ponds at the plant are generally still being developed and can comply with all applicable federal and state regulations," O'Brien said. Environmental Protection Agency warns that it contains contaminants which includes mercury, cadmium and also arsenic.

"It breaks my heart to determine it go," mentioned Billy Smith, who functions in little River Park, a campground and marina across Lake Sinclair from your plant.

The plant provides offered anglers year-round fishing for years, thanks for the heat waters discharged in to Beaverdam Creek. Although he's glad for you to recognize his or her existence, he said he's certainly not worried regarding long-term risks associated with the ponds.

As regarding last week, will nonetheless be unclear what will happen for the coal ash waste.

Although former employees either retired or accepted transfers to other sites, the neighborhood impact may be harsh.

Reactions are usually mixed. Now, the much smaller "transition team" is on hand for you to concentrate on security, compliance and also handing off the particular web site for the demolition contractor, said Georgia Energy spokesman John O'Brien.

 A lifelong resident of the lake, Haley stated he personally includes a fondness for your plant. The Particular plant might actually reside inside Putnam County, however the vast majority regarding its workers lived within Baldwin, mentioned Angie Martin, president of the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce.

Georgia Power, whose mother or father business may end up being the Southern Company, built the particular lake fed by the Oconee River within 1953.

The utility is, however, progressing using its intends to raze the iconic plant.


Paul pushes 'economic freedom zones' at campaign stop in Niles - Chicago Tribune

Rand Paul opened the Niles campaign quit Saturday having a call to chop taxes and also shrink government.

"Why tend to be businesses relocating overseas? Since our taxes are generally also damn high," said Paul, speaking in a rally and e-book signing at the Royal Kitchen along with Bath Cabinets warehouse. Your group offers invited just about all Republican presidential hopefuls to fulfill together with local voters, along with Paul is actually the really first -- therefore way merely -- candidate to adopt the actual group up on the offer, Foss-Eggemann said.

Paul will be polling well enough he is predicted being included within Thursday's Republican candidate debate, being hosted by Fox News. certainly not take your money along with send it back, nevertheless leave it in the community and in absolutely no way consider it to begin with," he said.

Copyright © 2015, Chicago Tribune

The libertarian-leaning senator from Kentucky -- vowing his campaign's long-term objective "is not just your primary, our long-term goal is actually Hillary Clinton" -- said Republicans will must court African-American voters for you to acquire the general election.

Paul said he thinks the particular crowded field will boost his campaign. the Ohio debate will be limited to the ten candidates leading in the polls.

Others, such as Phil Oenning, 65, involving Park Ridge, said they're nonetheless undecided and simply desired to get a closer examine one of the particular contenders.

"No one's truly said anything yet," Oenning mentioned of the slate regarding Republican candidates. "It's simple personally being any different kind of Republican," Paul said.

His contact pertaining to smaller government included cuts in order to spending, the less powerful presidency and also limits on government surveillance.

Jan Bach, 58, of Park Ridge, stated she's the longtime Paul supporter whom liked what he were required to say about limiting the energy of government.

"I'm excited he came to Niles, I just wish there ended up more people there," your woman said.

Paul also called with regard to reductions throughout prison sentences, specially for those convicted associated with nonviolent drug crimes.. Sen. Portion involving his plan, he said, is a tax-cutting plan with regard to organizations in low-income areas which are growing as well as creating jobs, which he pitched during a Might marketing campaign quit on Chicago's South Side.

Paul's physical appearance inside the north suburb, which drew an audience of roughly 300, had been organized by the Republicans of Maine Township, mentioned Committeeman Char Foss-Eggemann. He stated he'd scrap the present tax code for a single-rate system although eliminating the actual payroll tax entirely.

"Let's collect much more records of terrorists and fewer records of innocent Americans," he said.

"What I want to do will be ... "It will be intriguing to determine what would always be the results (at the actual debate)."



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